10 Trendiest Restaurants In Sydney

Sydney is a city that’s home to an undeniably colourful F&B industry. There are just so many happenings and movements in the scene that is hard to keep track. It seems like there is always a new hot spot of choice popping up on a weekly basis. What’s more, each one is competitively cooler than the last. If you count yourself as a restaurant hopper, be sure to charter a party bus in Sydney for convenient travel.

Let’s switch on that glam-o-metre again and start checking out the following trendy restaurants in Sydney! Here are some of the top picks that have substance behind them:

The Butler

The Butler is a casual oasis with indoor and outdoor areas. Apart from the generous use of green foliage, warm woods, and natural light, another thing that stands out is the spectacular city view from the outdoor terrace. The Butler serves an Ibero-American and share style menu, which is suitable for groups. When it comes to drinks, you can choose between international and Australian drops. All in all, the vibe here is fun and loud. There are plenty of patrons and upbeat tunes are being played all the time. Make sure you score a reservation before coming!

Mrs Sippy

Mrs Sippy is part restaurant, part bar. Since its inception, it has become a Double Bay hot spot Executive Chef, Andreanne Pelletier designs Mrs Sippy’s food menu. Influenced by Andreanne’s love of Moorish and Middle Eastern cuisine, the menu has been designed to share. For most parts of the day, Mrs Sippy offers a laid-back vibe. This restaurant is a stellar spot for both lunches and dinners. You get to choose from wood oven pizzas, salads, antipasti, cocktails, and more!

Mr Wong

Mr Wong strives to make Cantonese cuisine ultra-cool again. At first glance, the decor of this restaurant is ultra-chic, in true Merivale style. Chinese bamboo chairs, colonial furnishings, traditional Oriental ornaments, etc, add to the unmistakable Chinese feel. The menu here is plentiful and they offer banquet menus that are perfect for four patrons or more. Some of the dishes to try include their signature fried rice, Chinese roasted duck, beef with black beans, and more. Mr Wong makes a handy late-night dining option as well!


Monopole is surprisingly an oasis of calm, situated in the midst of busy Macleay Street. This restaurant features a glam industrial chic interior, i.e. dark rich woods and grey metals. Monopole boasts a wine list comprising of more than 500 boutique and rare wines from around the world. No, Monople is not only famous for its high calibre wine list. Its food offerings hold an equally high standard. You can expect to find a casual share plate style menu here.

The Paddington

The old Paddington Arms Hotel was transformed into The Paddington. It recently went through a major Merivale makeover with an old butcher theme and British twist. They also offer private dining rooms that can accommodate up to 12 people. It is spacious enough for one to host a birthday party. This restaurant offers a rotisserie menu, e.g. wagyu beef with artichokes, whole fish dishes, lamb rump, and more. What’s more, there is an impressive wine list to wet their customers’ whistle. The Paddington is a great late-night dining option and is child friendly. This restaurant suits both couples and groups.

Ms Gs

Ms Gs is a ultra-trendy restaurant that combines Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese cuisines into western inspired dishes. The chefs here ensure that their patrons experience the right kick of spice. Their dishes are flavoursome, light, and always fresh. Ms Gs is also one part groovy restaurant and one part hip bar. As Ms Gs do not accept bookings, you will have to put your name down at the door and patiently wait for your table. In many cases, you will be seated at a communal table. Hence, it might be a good choice for a quiet romantic evening for two.

Darlo Country Club

Inspired by Californian Country Clubs, the Darlo Country Club offers LA inspired food and drinks. It makes the most of its soaring ceilings with a bright and warm interior. As cocktails are naturally their focus, Darlo Country Club has created their own signatures, including the Hollywood Sour and L.A. Noire. You will also be able to find a number of classics such as Singapore Slings and Negroni’s. All in all, Darlo Country Club is also a great spot for groups, due to its share style dining concept.

Fred’s And Charlie Parker’s

The restaurant has an inviting and warm interior. It makes patrons feel like they are in someone’s home. Fred’s And Charlie Parker’s have certainly struck the perfect balance when it comes to blending the open kitchen concept into the rest of the space. Diners are able to get a first-hand glimpse into their kitchen secrets. Head Chef Danielle Alvarez’s menu tends to change regularly because she is committed to using the freshest ingredients and ethically produced fare.

Restaurant Hubert

In Sydney, Restaurant Hubert is currently one of the hottest restaurants around. Do keep in mind that they are not taking bookings for under 6 people. You can easily see that this restaurant pays homage to the grand European dining rooms of the past. Chef Dan Pepperell oversees the menu here and offers French bistro classics. If you just want to enjoy a cocktail in the Chester Lounge or looking for a hearty meal in the Beatrix Dining Room, Restaurant Hubert has got your back.

Chin Chin

The iconic Melbourne restaurant Chin Chin is situated in the heritage listed Griffiths Tea Building. The overall vibe here is fun, relaxed, and loud. The top level of this restaurant features plenty of seating and an open kitchen. As you walk down the stairs, you will find their private dining areas. Food has always been the star attraction at the restaurant. Chin Chin offers an Asian fusion menu and boy do they deliver.

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