Celebrating Christmas On A Party Bus In Australia

Talk of Christmas in Australia and the first thing likely to cross one’s mind is partying. For a country that always ushers the New Year before many other countries, there is always something going on in Australia from the 25th of December to the 31st. Call it endless partying and you will be right, because that’s exactly what happens in the country until the New Year creeps in. But even with all the fun and fuzz in the air, monotony easily comes around. There is a need to think of something beyond the obvious – something that can easily bring about lively memories. That’s exactly where party bus hire in Australia comes into the picture. It guarantees a unique experience because of the following reasons.

Party Begins at Pick-Up

Compare this with the usual cab, where you hail one via a phone application. You get into the cab and your phone rings every other second with your peers asking what’s taking you so long to arrive at the club. Traffic gets worse as you drive towards the club. By the time you get there, the party mood is quickly burning out. You have a few drinks then head back home.

Party bus hires offer the exact opposite experience. That is, the party begins the moment you board the bus. The bus picks you and your friends, and just like that, the party gets started. As the bus moves around the city, you and your friends can drink to your heart’s content, and dance all you want as you head towards your favorite joint. Your friends will love this. You will love it too. Chances are you will want a similar experience the next Christmas.

Guaranteed Turnout

Imagine organizing a party then having just a handful of friends and colleagues showing up. This can be frustrating and even annoying especially if it happens during Christmas. The trick lies in spicing things up a little bit. The party bus is all the magic you need to have everyone show up. Everyone will show up. You may even have gatecrashers (if you are open to that). Who doesn’t want to travel around on Christmas, dance, and just having a good time with friends and loved ones?

A Unique Experience

Think about it. You don’t get on a bus everyday with friends just to relax, unwind and have a good time. It literally can happen once a year, on Christmas. So when the opportunity presents itself, seize it with both arms. You get to choose your own playlist, enjoy drinks and treat your eyes to what the city has to offer. Keep in mind that you can enjoy the experience during the day or at night. The choice is yours. It is like a cruise ship experience only that it is on land or if you may, on wheels – yes, a cruise ship on wheels! You do not see that every day. Enjoy the experience and take as many photos as you want. Drink and dine to your fill!

Enjoy The Ride With Your Family

The party bus idea does not have to be just for you and your colleagues. It can be a family affair too. Use it for your annual reunion or just for fun’s sakes. Bring along your cousins, aunts and members of the extended family. The bus is big enough for two families or more. Psst … Keep the party bus hire a secret and surprise everyone!

Keep in mind that Sydney, Brisbane and nearly all major Australian cities are usually awash with amazing Christmas events on the 25th. The events run from the 24th or even 23rd through Christmas. Check out the following events and arrive at the venues in style!
Children’s Concert

You don’t hear of children’s concerts as much as you do with concerts for adults. But they are plenty during Christmas – Christmas concerts just for children. With lots of kids’ activities from giant Jenga and Santa games to show bags and water sports, you can be sure that your little one will have a mind-blowing experience. Team up with your neighbor or friend to have your children picked up from home and be driven in a party bus to a children’s concert. Alternatively, have them picked from the concert and driven home in the bus. Keep in mind that you can also use the bus ride as a reward for your kid’s good performance at school or good behavior at home.

Sydney Fish Markets Seafood Marathon

A 36-hour seafood marathon that is happening from 5 AM on Wednesday 23rd right through Christmas eve. The event brings together different retailers, so you can be sure that there will be huge discounts. Enjoy the event with your peers. The frenzy of the marathon will remain etched in your mind for years. Enjoy some delicious fresh or cooked seafood, stock up on Christmas supplies or just sit back and watch people from the clean, quiet and picturesque waterside boardwalk.

Carols In The Domain

It is widely known as Australia’s largest free Christmas concert. The event features performances by local and international artists all in the name of celebrating Christmas and wrapping up the year in style. It starts at 7:45 PM, a time many consider as family-friendly.

Lights Of Christmas

Australian cities light up in style as soon as December kicks in. Lights of Christmas is just but one of the many ways the cities light up. It is St. Mary’s Cathedral Square, right in the middle of Sydney, lighting up in a spectacular way. Enjoy awe-inspiring views of the cathedral. It is a vivid experience, with a festive spin complete, with projections that seem to get better each year. The experience is free, so you can stop for an hour or two, enjoy the views before you continue riding in the party bus to yet another Christmas attraction in Australia.

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