Fun Ideas For Party Bus Fundraising Events

Have you ever considered raising money for a cause? Something that is innovative, as well as entertaining at the same time. Something that can attract people at one go. Speaking of which, hiring a party bus is a great on-the-go option to promote an event like this. The best part here is that you go from one destination to the next while engaged in fun fundraising activities onboard. Well, here are a few fantastic ideas to help you hold a successful fundraising event on a party bus.


Plan A Treasure Hunt Event

This will require a lot of planning and processing, but at the end of the day, it is going to be worth it. Charge a little amount to the participants, and in return, give them the thrill and excitement of treasure hunting, while riding across the city on a party bus. Each of the stops along the way will have puzzles and clues that you need to solve, and the winner will be awarded attractive prizes. Make it an indulging experience for one and all. It’s a great way to attract people, since scavenger hunting is a game suited for people of all ages.

One can either participate as a group or as an individual, and expect lots of laughter in finding clues that keep everyone guessing. Your kids can also actively participate in this event, making it an ideal family getaway. It’s an exceptional way to get everyone immersed in the event and raise funds while also having fun. Make sure to have the volunteers prepared in the areas you are looking to host the treasure hunts.

Make Your Own Calendar

One of the best ways to raise funds for a cause is to make your own calendar and sell it. It will all depend on the level of creativity and imagination you have. From adorable puppies and kittens to beautiful scenic shots of the country, there are countless subject matter to choose from. If you are looking to make it more appealing, why not sell a calendar with stylish and sexy models on it. People will be more inclined to buy such calendars, rather than those with sunset photos on it.

Imagine the fun of travelling across the town with rocking music and lots of wonderful people, as you take a halt at various spots. Promote the fundraising event by selling out the calendars and inviting people to contribute for a good cause. People are sure to be fascinated by a unique promotion like this. Schedule your stops in a way that caters to your requirements.

Host An On-Board Trivia Quiz

Imagine yourself taking a ride around the town with your friends, while having drinks and laugh, and competing in an online pub quiz. There will be some great prizes to be won, making it an unforgettable night. By charging an entrance fee, along with donations or auctions, you can easily raise fund to meet your objective. Have a quiz master on board with questions from subjects like General Knowledge, Music, Sports and movies. Make sure they are not too tough and are designed in a way that everyone gets involved into the act. Raise the level of excitement by having quick fire buzzer rounds. Keep everyone interested right till the end.

This shouldn’t be limited to adults only. One can also organise special kids party with children orientated questions, and prizes for the winning teams. Let everyone join the show.

Karaoke Nights

Regardless of the ability to sing, almost everyone enjoys spending a good Karaoke night. It has all the makings of an ideal fundraising activity, with people from different communities coming together and having fun with a memorable experience. Make sure the party bus you are hiring has Karaoke facilities on board, with state-of-the-art sound system.

Go past the streets of Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane, singing some of your favourite tunes along the way and invite people to sing a song with everyone, so that nobody shy away from performing alone. Make it more interesting by having a donation box to stop someone from singing.

Fancy Dress Competition

Who doesn’t like to get suited up in fancy dresses, flaunting their attires in the best shape possible? People will even pay for such a privilege. This is another great idea to make your fundraising event a success, by ticketing people to attend your fancy dress party on an entertaining party bus ride. Based on your imagination, you can have multiple themes suiting the event. Some of the popular ones include superhero, Nurses and Doctors, Cowboys and Indians, Robbers and Cops, along with Tog parties where everyone dresses as Roman people. One can also organize sale of old clothes, in order to raise funds.

The best way to offer flexibility to your visitors is to allow them to wear whatever they want, and keep some prizes for the best-dressed nominees. People like to dress up as their favourite TV and movie character, while also sparking their imagination. Don’t keep the niche limited to anything scary of abstract, just let people choose themselves. Print some souvenirs, get sponsors for your event and send invites to local people. Spread the word!

No matter what’s the reason behind hosting a fundraising event, and how you are planning to do it, at the end of the day, what you need is money to support the cause. Give us a call today at Party Bus Guru, and let us assist you in attracting more people for your fundraising party with any of these abovementioned ideas. Our expert team will help you in every possible way, in order to ensure a successful event, without any glitch. Pick a foolproof idea and promote your event to people you know. Let the word spread and make them curious about what’s in store for them on the party bus. Raising curiosity is the best way for a strong marketing build-up to the event!

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