Great Destinations In Australia To Soak Up The Christmas Cheer

Australia never disappoints. It is as many people describe it, ‘a gift that keeps on giving’. Think of it as a paradise that has all you need to unwind. From white sandy beaches soaked up in cool tropical weather to breath-taking landscapes in the countryside complete with beautiful sunsets, it is impossible to ignore Australia. It gets better towards the end of the year around Christmas with so many festive offers world-class facilities and friendly locals who are more than happy to help you learn as much as you want about Australia. With that in mind, why not hire Christmas party bus to enjoy what the country has to offer?

The Whitsundays

Thinking of a white Christmas? Head to The Whitsundays. There is no snow here, but plenty of sunshine and of course, the purest white sand you will find on any beach in the world. With more than 74 islands in this tropical paradise, you will most likely want to linger on for another month or two.  There is the popular Queensland Coastal region at the centre of the Great Barrier Reef, which makes it easy for families and lovebirds to enjoy warm summer waters and pleasant island views.

Whitehaven Beach

Regarded by many as one of the finest beaches on earth, Whitehaven Beach should be on your ‘must visit’ list the moment you land in Australia. Unwind in the beaches’ flawless silica sand or dive into the cobalt that highlights this seven-kilometre beach. It guarantees a quintessential Australian experience of a white Christmas on the beach. What’s more, the destination overlooks the Hill Inlet, where ocean tides shift to create a scintillating fusion of white sand and turquoise blue ocean waters. It is a perfect enclave for friends, lovers and families seeking a unique Australian experience.

Kangaroo Island

Talk of Australia and the first thing one is likely to think of is the Kangaroo – Australia’s most popular animal.  With more than 509 Kilometres of a clean coastline complete with bush-land and wildlife, Kangaroo Island will certainly impress you with ease. Talk long walks along the beach or take time to explore the amazing wildlife that makes the island complete. Either way, this unspoilt beauty is the perfect destination for nature lovers.

It gets better for wine lovers with Cellar right inside the island. You get to sample fresh wine right from the source as you enjoy childhood Santa Memories while making fresh ones. There’s something for foodies too at the King George Whiting, known for its exquisite wild honey and sheep’s cheese.  Menus are full of tasty options from prawns to snappers and white free-range eggs to homemade native jams. The island simply has it all.

Coffs Harbour

Looking for a Sunny Christmas? Head to Coffs Harbour. With a beachy, relaxed area designed to help you unwind with friends and loved ones, the facility get you hooked to its charm. Next to it is the Solitary Islands Marine Park. It’s a great place for those who want nothing short of uncrowded beach sessions with plenty of nature to enjoy.  There is also a Botanical Gardens open throughout the year. Enjoy the veritable treasure of natural beauty with mangroves and koalas staring at you high up in the trees. You can choose to simply relax at the lush green, manicured lawns or walk around to discover glasshouses and invigorating flora representing different continents.

Visit Bellingen

You do not hear of it often because it is a hidden secret. It is a small New South Wales Town known for its warm and mild weather throughout the year. Ideal for outdoor activities like kayaking, bushwalking and cycling, you will most likely enjoy everything the town has to offer. With friendly locals and tasty Australian dishes and wine, the town is quickly becoming a tourist destination. It is also home to the busiest and largest regional markets in Australia.


Sightseeing in Canberra is without a doubt an experience you will live to remember. The city is lit everywhere with Christmas bells ringing all over. Enjoy Santa Themed dates with your loved ones or simply chat with the locals as you enjoy the night life of Australia’s capital. You can take children to SIDS and Kids Christmas Lights, a facility attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest LED Image Display. The Christmas ambiance here is simply amazing!

Wine connoisseurs will fall in love with more than 30 boutique cellar doors within and around Canberra. Enjoy informative meet and greet sessions, cellar door tastings and may be indulge in a meal with new friends. You can also toast the season with Riesling or Shiraz, which Canberra is known for. Enjoy each Christmas in Canberra as you let long summer days fly past you as you roam through breath-taking vineyards.

The National Zoo and Aquarium

You probably don’t know this but there are white lions. Sounds strange? Of course, it does! See them first hand at the National Zoo and Aquarium, a one-of-a-kind attraction in Australia. Land mammals and aquatic life grace the facility, stretching over seven kilometres of land. Enjoy the largest inland saltwater tank in Australia also known for tasty barbecues. Use this experience as a warm up to other places you intend to visit on Christmas Day as it is usually closed on the 25th of December.

Mornington Peninsula

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life by spending a night or two at Mornington Peninsula. Golfers love the ambience, lush green lawns and of course, the locals. The weather here is also perfect. All these explain why the area has 15 of Australia’s most sought and popular golf clubs. You can also enjoy horse rides here along the beach.  Get on horses with friends and enjoy the rides as they frolic in the waves. There’s plenty of food and wine and a wide range or other leisure activities around the area. Things get lively too at night, so you can party throughout the day and overnight as you usher in Christmas in style.

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