Hen Parties Where To Go In Sydney With Your Party Bus

Nothing brings the bride and her bridesmaids closer better than hen parties. It is a once in a lifetime event that brings ladies together for an enjoyable time – to see a friend in their social circle cross over to married life, i.e. getting married, settling down and having kids. It could be the first friend in the circle to walk down the aisle or that one friend you all thought would never settle down. If you are organizing a hen party, hiring a party bus is a sound idea! You can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride between destinations. You never have to deal with hassles, such as heavy traffic or getting lost on the way. Without further ado, here are some of the top Sydney spots that the bride-to-be and her crew can check out:

The Arty Hen Party

You do not get to wield a paint brush and a wine glass at the same time, every day. It just does not happen which is exactly why you should try this party. Your fantasies (and that of your beloved hen) are about to come alive courtesy of Cork and Chroma. These one of a kind Surry Hills based folk are about letting one’s creative juices flow with ‘paint like your life depends on it’ vibe.
Pack bottles of wine with your friends and get ready to craft paintings like the Mona Lisa by Leornardo Da Vinci, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, Starry Night by Van Gogh or your very own version of Sydney’s Opera House. You can book a private event or join a public class. Both options come along with limitless fun.

The Master Chef

Do you cook? Chances are that is a yes. Have you ever done it with friends to flex who’s better with the rolling pin than the rest? Chances are you haven’t! Get in the bus, try the Cornersmith Workshop and show off how you can make your own jam or ferment your own vegetables. This is by far the best way to broaden your culinary horizons and have fun at the same time. Classes include baking bread using natural sour dough yeast, wild soda crafting, smoking foods at home, and so much more. Think of it this way. If it is fermentable, you will certainly find it on the Cornersmith calendar. So much fun waiting for you and your hen – cook as you remind her what it takes to be a good chef at home.

The Boozy Hen

Hens and vodka go hand in hand like sauce and fries. You just cannot separate the two! Embrace your deepest vodka connoisseur escapades at Food Society’s Vodka High Tea. You will have a mind-blowing booze experience – the foreign vodka based lifestyle you have always coveted, dainty vintage saucers and everything in between. Get to enjoy handmade savory and sweet canapés, single origin tropical flavored vodka, iced tea cocktails and so many other vodka variations the house has to offer.

The Foodie Hen

You may not know it but somewhere in Australia, Sydney in particular hides a menu solely made for hen parties. It is a best kept secret passed on from one hen party to another. Much has been said and written about it, but only those who’ve had a firsthand experience know what the commotion is all about. Some say it is mind-blowing, others say it is magnificent. Still, others say it is an experience they will want to relive over and over again. Whatever the case, the experience is beyond words. You just have to experience it first-hand.
Chiswick Woolahra, as it is known, boasts of a menu designed for hen parties in a convenient garden setting. It gives you and your girls a paradise like experience. It is the perfect choice for the foodie hen! It gets better with the fact that their menu is the epitome of greens and fresh ingredients, thanks to a one of a kind in-house garden. Rumor has it that their spanner crab caserecci with chili with the Moran family lamb is the best thing you will ever taste on earth.

Hen Spa

What’s better than a scrub down, pampering, rub up and all around royalty treatment with your girls? There isn’t one, so yes, take the hen party to a spa. CHI, a one of a kind spa at Sydney’s Shanri La hotel, is one of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend before she quits being a fulltime member of your “girlfriend” circle. From aroma laced massage sessions and Thai massage sessions all the way to chakra healing and gentle body therapies, you will ask for more and more as time passes. Be sure to top off the hen party with a thermal infusing samadara, an age defying facial known to just a few and come out of the session glowing, ready for your soulmate and for the world!

The Karaoke Hen

You’ve always known you can sing. None of your girlfriends believe you though. Prove them wrong! Who knows? Out of a crazy hen party may come the next big thing! Enjoy the bus ride to one of the many karaoke sessions Sydney has to offer. Place a bet on who can sing better than the rest of the group. Toast to friendship and many more crazy nights at least before married life curbs all the fun and partying. It will be worth it!

Point To Note

Major Australian cities, Sydney in particular, hardly ever disappoint when it comes to partying for whichever reason. Plan in advance though. Make bookings if you have to. Try out random club hopping with your girls if you all fancy crazy night outs. There’s something too for the introverts – those who refrain from crowds or who simply don’t fancy going out at all. Head out of town in the bus, visit a book club, go shopping, sightseeing and so much more. The ideas are endless. You will most likely be spoilt for choice.

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