Tips For Using Party Bus Hire For Your Wedding Transportation

Choosing party bus hire is one of the most preferred transportation modes for wedding parties, and is also a safe way to transport your guests. Not only does this journey make your wedding a pleasurable one, but also a memorable affair for everyone onboard. However, there are a few pointers you need to take care of, in order to make the most of renting a party bus.


Make Reservations Well In Advance

Wedding season can be a tough time to get reservations, especially if you are leaving things for the last minute. You need to book your space at least a couple of months in advance and confirm the booking a week before the wedding day. Since everybody is trying to make their event a success, there’s a fair chance of all the good stuff being taken already. Hence, it is essential to get your hands on the best possible party bus available to you!

Detailed Planning

Most rental companies would want to know the detailed planning of the event so that they can make the arrangements accordingly. You should have a fair idea about the number of people taking ride and how long will it take to reach the destination. Always have an estimated number of people and travel time more than the actual, so as to avoid any issues later in unavoidable circumstances.

Choose Your Vehicle Well

When it comes to the services and facilities offered, not all vehicles are same. There is no ‘one size fit all’ kind of thing with party buses. It’s important to know how exactly you want things to pan out. Depending on your requirements, the arrangement can be tailored in accordance with the capacity and the interiors of the bus. Don’t just go for any random party bus available, since that can be a waste of money.

Availability Of Refreshments

The main purpose of hiring a party bus is to make your travel fun and exciting as you lead up to the main event. It always a good idea to know about the kind of food and beverages you can carry onboard. If drinks are allowed, makes sure it’s in a limited count so that nobody goes berserk drinking. Different companies have different policies and you should always consult them before booking your seats.

Have Your Own Playlist

Although most party buses are equipped with sound system and satellite radio, you would rather prefer to have your own playlist running, with music of your choice. You can take suggestions from your friends and family, and prepare a playlist that suits everyone’s taste. This is one single thing that can differentiate a good party and an extraordinary one.

Pre-Plan Your Route

Are you planning to go straight to the destination or make stops along the way? If you are on a long distance commute, the latter is a preferred choice, sing going straight to the wedding venue can be boring and tiring as well. Whatever route you are planning to take, make sure to notify the bus hire company about the same, or else they might charge you extra at the time of billing. For an overnight journey, you can plan a dinner at some outskirt restaurant on the way or take a halt at some nearby resort. This makes for an ideal trip before the main event.

Tip The Driver

The person responsible behind the quality ride from the starting point to the destination is your driver, and it’s always a good idea to reward him with a tip. It can be any amount that looks good in number. There are a few companies that add service charge to the invoice, but if it is left to you, make sure to have some cash ready.

Don’t Mess With Electronic Items

Most of the party buses meant for wedding transportation are equipped with microwave, toasters or even a small kitchen. That doesn’t mean you have the liberty to make unnecessary usage of any electronic item. This is not only dangerous for people inside the bus, but can also spoil your party, in case of any mis-happening. Make sure the kids stay away from anything sharp or electronic in nature. You would not enjoy your wedding party to be known for some accident, hence always take safety measures.

Don’t Keep Calling The Driver as “Driver”

Every person has a name and you don’t call them by their profession all the time. It’s quite common for people to ask the driver to slow down, speed up, or turn on the AC. While, there is nothing wrong in doing so, it does not sound good to call them as “driver” all the time. You should know the name of the person who’s giving you the ride, and treat him as a part of the team, rather than a slave.

Have Collective Fun

People in your wedding can be anyone from your relatives, friends or colleagues. Don’t draw a line between them or let anyone cross the limits. Someone drinking like a drunkard and others watching in dismay is no fun. Organize some games so that everyone can participate in it, and their minds are taken off from some nonsense stuff. The idea is to make everyone engage into something or the other, so nobody complains at the end of the day.

Be Safe And Secured

The moment you board the bus, it becomes a responsibility to take care of your guests and belongings. Hence, it is important to check that the doors can be locked completely from inside when on the way, and outside, when you halt somewhere.  Some party buses have automatic locking system as well.

To get the best bargains in the market, it is sensible to check referrals and reviews in order to hire the best party bus rental company. It should not be a random pick; hence it’s important to do sufficient research to find a reliable party bus hire provider, which is equipped with all the basic amenities you will need for your wedding transportation.

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