When Do You Need Party Bus Hire?

Party Bus Hire Is The Ideal Transport Solution For These Occasions

Party Bus Guru is a leading provider of party buses to cater to all sorts of events. With lots of experience in entertaining our customers, we strive to offer best of the party bus hire services at the most reasonable prices.  The main objective here is to provide you with an enjoyable and safe riding experience to get the most out of your time with us. Here are some events that can warrant a party bus hire service:

Birthday Celebrations

Hire a party bus to take your birthday celebrations to the next level with non-stop food, drinks and entertainment. Give your friends something to remember on this important day, as you go on a ride past the city lights, with laser shows glimmering inside. The courteous and professional service staff and experienced driver will make sure to extend the best possible hospitality right from the point of pickup all the way to your destinations. Decor is the priority here, and we make sure the interior is decked out prior to your birthday bash. Services can be customized as per your requirement, and you can even think about holding theme parties on our party buses!

Graduation Nights

For many of us, graduation is a special occasion that comes only a few times in our lifetimes. It’s a huge step from what you are, and what you are destined to become in the near future. Surely, you wouldn’t want to let go such a special occasion without celebrating it with your friends.  After all those late night study schedules, it’s time to loosen up your body as you take a ride on a party bus all the way to your party destination.

No matter where and how you choose to rejoice this high point of your life, a party bus can help you do it safely, with substantial space for a group of friends. Equipped with all necessary amenities along with food and beverages that you can enjoy, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Winery Tours

Australia is home to stunning landscape, vintage vineyards and a wide assortment of world-class wineries. If there is any place in the world where you would love to go on a winery tour, this is it. And what better way to do it than hiring a party bus to lead your way up to the haven of wines. Set out on a journey for a day of relaxing and indulging in exquisite food and wines, with some starters already served on the way.

With the professional and experienced chauffeurs at the wheel, you are certain to have the best of your time. They will guide you through some of the highly recommended wine tasting spots, and also help you choose an ideal breakfast, lunch or dinner precinct.

Hen Parties

The most fundamental ingredient of a hen party is a big night out, without which it’s futile. Travelling from bar to bar or one nightclub to another isn’t really fun.  This issue is well sorted out by a party bus, as the main objective here is to keep the music grooving. With this non-stop action, you meet up at a certain location to board the bus where lights and music kick off the party atmosphere, as you tuck in a few drinks to keep the good times rolling. The fun continues as you stop by at one of the best bars in the area. With half of the night on wheels and the other half well curated in a land-based setting, it’s going to be a memorable experience for all the girls in your squad!

Bucks Parties

A day prior to tying the knot is a crucial one, and you wouldn’t really want anything to spoil it. Organising a bucks party for your friends is no kid’s play, as this occasion probably comes only once in a lifetime. This is where party buses come to rescue, offering a completely exciting and diverse package to suit all sorts of celebrations. Whether you are looking to go for a pub crawl around Sydney or nightclubs in Melbourne, the smooth experience will leave your buck spellbound. Your soon-to-be-wedded pal deserves to have a night full of food, drinks, fun and entertainment, before he virtually loses the freedom of a bachelor’s life. Jokes apart, make this event memorable for your buddy!

Anniversary Celebrations

Anniversary is an ideal time to show your loved ones that you hold the same affection as you did, while tying the knot. Celebrate this event in style as you take a ride in a party bus with a night of extra romance, as you take your spouse for a fine dining experience along with some salsa. The service providers know the importance of this occasion, and they make every possible effort to customize the arrangements and themes as per your requirement. A wide selection of rentals is available to suit all budgets, with cheap rates on premium services. Plan in advance the party bus that best suits your itinerary, and you’ll have the entire night to fall in love again and again.


Planning a wedding is not an easy task, since you need to track every possible detail relating to the main day. Transportation is one of the key elements in any wedding event, and the party bus hire is committed to making your wedding day unique and unforgettable. From the bucks party night to the wedding ceremony and reception, party buses can cater to non-stop entertainment at each and every step. What else do you need when each individual moment of such an auspicious occasion in celebrated in the most luxurious way.

The comfortable seating space makes sure there is no congestion whatsoever, and the special lightings along with exceptional sound systems make the ambiance worth the praise. Treat your guests in style, as the expert chauffeur gives you a smooth ride right from your pickup location to the wedding hall or any other spot you wish to go.

There are, of course, other types of events you can plan with party bus hire in mind, and it’s only limited by your own imagination!

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