Work Nights Out: Where To Go In Brisbane With Your Party Bus Hire

Have you been working hard and feel that you and your colleagues deserve a night out just to relax and catch up, away from an office setting? The good news is that Brisbane has a lot of after-work spots to help you unwind. If you are planning to have a whole night out, the best way to have a thrilling experience is booking party bus hire to take your colleagues and you to different spots without stopping the fun. We have listed a number of top spots where you can go for work nights out in Brisbane.

The Caxton Hotel

This pub is located only 3 minutes away from Brisbane’s CBD and it is opened late, seven days a week. The venue has a lot to offer during the week from karaoke sessions to poker nights. Caxton Hotel has ample indoor and outdoor space, perfect for group parties. Apart from drinks, this pub’s kitchen has a stellar reputation for producing irrefutably fresh seafood. This Brissie Icon had been around for more than two decades and offers the best classics in the city. As you move around, you should definitely visit The Caxton Hotel for some old good fashioned pub experience.

Blackbird Bar & Grill

The Blackbird Bar & Grill is perfect for group parties. The establishment has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a few rounds of beverages as you take in the beautiful view across the river to the Story Bridge. Imagine you and your colleagues enjoying a selection of caviar and oysters while listening to a sundowner session. If you are desperate to snap out from the mid-summer stupor, head to the Blackbird Bar & Grill for a relaxing night out.

Legends Speakeasy Bar

Are you and your colleagues looking to make your night more interesting? How about heading over to the Legends Speakeasy Bar? You need to give a password to get to this venue. How? The bar puts a set of coordinates on their website and patrons have to embark on a treasure hunt to find its location. Once at the location, you need to speak the codeword before you are allowed in. The codeword changes every night so you have to visit their social media page to get it. Once inside, you will be spoiled for choice with specialty cocktails a-plenty. The bar’s kitchen also has a lot to offer like fried chicken wings, ham croquettes, barbecue pork sliders, fried brie with sticky plum sauce and nacho cups. Round up your best problem-solving colleagues together and set off on a hunt for Legends.

Sixteen Antlers

Sixteen Antlers is one of the city’s hottest rooftop bars. This sky-high bar offers amazing cocktails and craft beer which you can enjoy as you peer out over the City Hall clock tower and King George Square. This joint is located in the heart of Brisbane CBD over the top level at Mercure and Pullman on the corner of Roma and Ann streets. The bar has a great ambiance and décor that brings out a relaxing mood. Antlers does not hold large crowds at a time, instead it can host around 120 persons at a time. This is a great joint to enjoy late night outs. Experience Brisbane after 3pm from a new perspective every Tuesday to Saturday.

The Cloakroom Bar

This venue is hidden and it is a favourite for people looking to enjoy a quiet out with co-workers. When you enter this establishment, you will be instantly welcomed with a cold or hot towel that is offered alongside a palate cleanser. One interesting thing about this bar is that there is no drinks menu. Instead, you discuss with the bartender to fix you a drink that will help soothe an irksome day. The Cloakroom Bar is designed with two cosy lounge rooms; just the perfect setting for a work night out.

Pour Choices

The name itself is funny when you come to think about it. However, with a strong bar snack menu and great craft beer, there are no poor choices in Pour Choices. Tasty eats and bar snacks? Check. Local brews? Check. This bar is a haven for people looking for a new local pub. Head out to the West End with your colleagues and choose from plenty of outdoor and indoor seating options. You may come to enjoy this venue pretty quickly, and your colleagues and you may become frequenters of this local pub.

Factory 51

Factory 51 was formerly a place where Laminex manufacturers, enamel painters and metal fabricators once called home. Today, this red brick building has transformed into one of the warmest welcoming bars and bistros in Brisbane. The bar has a spacious function area to hosts party and meeting venues. The general décor of the place is industrial meets rustic.

Zero Fox

A night out is not complete without enjoying some juicy and spicy flavoured chicken wings. Zero Fox is located at London Woolstores and it is designed with a Japanese kitchen. On the beverage side, there is plenty of craft beer and keg to go around. Patrons do not only stop by Zero Fox for their butter chicken and cheesy chicken, but also to enjoy the attractive fox-centric feature art.

Mr Handerson

This bar is small, cosy and brimming with character. You can spend hours at the beer garden especially when you have an option to drink from one of the eight beers on tap. A curated list of wines and spirits is available too. The dining menu is also impressive; you have an option to order an octopus platter that has been marinated in lime and chilli, vegetarian mushroom pâté and a selection of cheese among them.

Green Bacon Brewing Co

This is a new brewery in town and it is getting more popular by the day. What is special about the Green Beacon Brewing Co? This pub has been created from the Teneriffe warehouse and serves a wide range of fresh beer straight from the brewhouse. Everything from this venue is fresh. They do serve seafood and it is available according to the catch of the day. Even the produce served is fresh from the market daily. For those who would like to continue having fun on their party bus ride home, you can buy 1 litre of fresh craft beer called a squealer.


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