5 Interesting School Ball Party Themes

A school ball party is a major milestone in a teenager’s life. It is a night that is worth all the excitement because it will be remembered for many years to come. Sure, there will be many parties along the way. But the most important thing now is to organize the best possible school ball party and make it as special as it can be. If you have been appointed to be the event’s organizer, planning it can take a tremendous amount of effort. It is recommended that you reduce that stress by dealing with the transport side of things first. For example, you should charter a party bus for a start. Let’s take a look at some theme suggestions:


Choice A: Roman Banquet Style

There is no harm with incorporating a dose of overindulgence and hedonism into your school ball party. Consider organizing a Roman banquet themed school ball. Your ball attendees can dress up as Roman gods, goddesses, centurions, emperors, and even gladiators! What about those distinctive garments of Ancient Rome? Aren’t they difficult to acquire? Not at all! Togas, for example, are cheap and easy to make. For those who are willing to go all out, they can hire a costume. Now, these outfits are going to make for some very cool and memorable photos.

Be sure to pay attention to the décor of your event space as well. You can include Roman frescos with pillars, columns, and ancient statues. To spice things up on the menu, you can even include Latin words and phrases. Everyone knows that Romans were not shy when it came to their appetite. That’s why you should order lots of rich, exotic foods. Grapes are a must-have food item on the list!

Choice B: Casino Night Style

Have you ever heard the following saying? “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It is time to get ready for a night to remember! You can introduce some harmless gambling fun to your school ball party. To legalize it, simply avoid using real money. The rules of the games are easy. Every attendee gets a complimentary amount of “chips” at the start of the night. They can play various games over the course of the evening. From Texas Hold’em to roulette, a casino themed ball party is going to be unique.

Try to spice things up with some light-hearted competition. At the end of the night, find out who has the most chips. Next, choose a few more runner ups and move them into a final game. If someone wins this round, they get to take home a prize. Now, this should be enough to get people into a frenzy. Who says “No!” to free stuff?

You do not need to worry about the décor for your casino night. Simply use white, black, and red coloured decorative elements. Casino night themes have become increasingly popular because they offer more entertainment and excitement than dancing.

Choice C: Medieval Feast Style

Another stellar way for everyone to experience something unique and have fun at the same time, is to organize a medieval style party. It is a chance for your party-goers to be a queen, king, knight of the realm, fair maiden, or court jester. It is a bonus if you can transform the venue into an ancient castle, complete with house shields that adorn the walls, suits of armour, and long tables for a banquet. Next, keep everyone entertained by organizing some medieval games and activities, e.g. renaissance dancing, board games, and fake jousts. If you have the budget, hiring musicians, jugglers, and contortionists are excellent ideas as well.

Choice D: 70’s Theme Style

Bring back the 70’s at your school ball party. Throw in afro wigs and bell bottoms, and you are ready for Boogie Nights once again! This era holds a special place in many people’s hearts because it was one of the few periods in recent history that made fashion its own. Mullets, flares, miniskirts, platform shoes, etc., it is a cool sight to see people still dressing like this today. You can make this theme even more fun by organizing a mini dance competition for your attendees. Whether it is The Robot or The Hustle, this theme is a stellar way for everyone to let their hair down and burn up the dance floors. Don’t forget to add a disco ball as a finishing touch!

Choice E: Gangster Style – à la Prohibition Era

Who can forget the Roaring Twenties? Prohibition was the golden age for gangsters in the U.S. A school ball based on this theme can be great fun. The girls can come in flapper dresses and feather boas, while the guys can come in fedoras and pinstripe suits. For the party’s colourway, you should go for a black and white colour scheme. Make sure your streamers and balloons are in those colours too. You may even hang up mugshots of famous gangsters of the time, e.g. John Dillinger and Al Capone. It is also a great idea to set up a photo booth, so people can take their own mugshots.

When it comes to music, you can never go wrong with the Jazz Age. Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong were all at the height of their careers during this time. Get those dance shoes on and put your Charleston dance skills to the test!

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