Bucks Parties: Where To Go In Brisbane With Your Party Bus

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is awash with mind-blowing activities and venues for anyone wishing to just have a good time. The city has a reputation in Australia and beyond as the epicentre of bucks parties. The best you can do is to make early travel arrangements, i.e. hiring cheap party bus in Brisbane to explore what the city has to offer.  From Bris-Vegas to Brisbane or Southbank to The Valley, there is absolutely no doubt at all that both daytime and nighttime activities in Brisbane are endless. For a memorable bucks party experience in Brisbane, try any of the following activities:

Brisbane Go Karting

Go Karting is for mechanically minded and adrenaline pumped individuals who fancy themselves to be racing pros but have no time to splurge on high end sports cars. That said, enjoy your weekend after a long week at work or school with some Go Karting bucks activity in Brisbane. With European state of the art machines and near perfect racing routes, you will certainly have a good time. each machine is designed for 24-hour endurance. They can also pump close to 14hp. Who needs a V8 when the little machines can pump your adrenaline to the peak?

Paintball Bucks Fun

Bring out the Rambo in you! What could be more entertaining than dressing up on your jungle army regalia, running around a challenging battleground with friends? Think of the experience as a finely tuned blend of pain and pleasure with friends. Where else can you cry and laugh at the same time from having too much fun?

Boat Cruising

Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after bucks’ activities, boat cruising in Brisbane will leave you asking for more. It is more than just an awesome adventure. Complete with all the essentials for an unforgettable buck’s party, it promises a rewarding experience for lovebirds, people celebrating graduation, birthday parties or people in search of fun.  It can be easily described as ‘hot chicks, food, booze, the sun and the sea’. Enjoy a cruise in a luxurious boat or even a yatch!

Brisbane Jelly Wrestling and Pillow Fighting

Hard to explain this one; the description pretty much sums up everything. Imagine gorgeous girls in a giant pool full of jelly. Hard to imagine but that is exactly what Brisbane Jelly Wresting and Pillow Fighting has to offer. You can also request a whole buffet of pillow and jelly wrestlers fighting and may be even do a few things you could only fantasize about previously (the wildest dreams do come true).  There is also a ‘slippery when wet’ package at Gold Coast. It is a trifecta of scintillating viewing, made up of lingerie pillow fights, jelly wrestling and wet t-shirt competitions.

Bucks Fishing

Talk of bucks fishing in Brisbane and so many things immediately crosses one’s mind. Beer, sunshine, gorgeous girls and one giant fishing rod to help you catch fish is what the whole session is made up of. What else could one ask for? There is of course, some music and food! Sail away into the deep sea and enjoy views of turquoise blue waters, the company of Aussie beauties and yes, catch some fish!

Strip Clubs

Adults Only! Strip clubs abound in Brisbane. Only a few can leave you with an invigorating experience etched in the back of your mind for a lifetime. Why not buckle up in a party bus as you hop from one strip club to another? Sit back and relax as you go from bliss to bliss. With nearly all strip clubs closing hours after midnight, you will have a chance to be naughty and at the same time, have fun. There’s food and plenty of drinks so there’s no way you cannot enjoy yourself.

Poker Parties

These are parties like no other. You get your own room, popularly referred in Brisbane as the millionaire’s room. Enjoy a game of poker as models cheer you on to win. You can play with friends or against strangers. The choice is yours. Cash your winnings and get driven back home richer than you left. Request a private waitress service, have a chat with bikini models and enjoy food and drinks as you hide your aces and hearts. There’s good music too to keep you in the party mood throughout the night.

Go Golfing

Golfing in Brisbane is by far one of the most exciting experiences you can enjoy with friends. The joy of teeing off, wearing snow white shorts and cap with high socks and shouting ‘fore’ is unmatched.  You never know if your next hit will get into the hole and make you a champ, so why not take a chance? There are after all, models all over cheering you, friends urging you to take on the champ and some form of prize for the winner! Golf bunnies will make you fall in love with the game. Enjoy the experience with friends and have it as a must-play game each weekend or at least once every month.

Skydiving Bucks Activities

Brisbane is breathtaking from the ground. it gets so much better viewing the city’s skyline from the clouds. Words alone are not enough to describe what each dive has to offer. The best you can do is experience the adrenaline rush from the skies first hand. The amazing feeling of jumping into nothing but air from a plane flying 14,000 ft in the sky is what many can only dream of. Fall for over 60 seconds at 200kms per hour with a experienced skydiver strapped to your back to ease fear and worry. Land with ease to find your friends waiting and show off how cool you are with parachutes!


Do not leave Brisbane without jet boarding with friends. Feel your heart racing and palms sweat as you jet-board at more than 80km per hour! Sudden twists, turns and slides make the quick trip fun. Enjoy the ride with friends or even strangers. Make friends by the end of the trip. Remember the ride, the speed and the rush means the ride is not a mean feat. It is not for the faint-hearted either.

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