How To Get Your Buddy’s Buck Party Right

Bachelor party, stag night, buck’s night – whatever way you call it, we bet a lot of you think of it as a night to celebrate your friend’s last day as a bachelor. Getting that hangover a night before the wedding can just ruin the big day. Same is true if you would choose to hire signature strippers for the occasion. But of course, you still can go for all those choices. All you need to do is get the buck party right and everything else will turn out just fine. Charter a party bus and get to places which will be perfect for that party.


Bar Hopping or Brewery Crawling

As you are celebrating your buddy’s last few nights as a single gentleman, you may want to make the celebration a real big one. You can choose to up the game by booking for several bars around the area where you can spend an entire Saturday night, at least days before the wedding. Hopping from one bar to another should be done with taste. An alternative would be brewery crawling. Come to think of it, Australia is considered the melting pot for a lot of breweries and vineyards. This will surely be a unique way to celebrate a buck party the right way.

Team Building and Thrill-Seeking Activities

Make the buck party fun by doing some other activities that are more wholesome than a night’s out that can go wrong in all places. Test each other’s abilities while escaping your way out of a maze or a special room. You can also group yourselves and play paintball or laser tag. There are a lot of other places you can visit around town to be able to spend time with the soon-to-be-groom and all your male friends.

Alongside this, you might want to get engaged with thrill-seeking activities to make the day a really memorable one. Get into some adrenaline rush and get energized too.  There are endless choices along this line including bungee jumping and skydiving among others. You may want to unleash the child in all of you too by visiting theme parks or get so hooked into a jet boat ride. You might want to review the celebrant’s bucket list to find out what else he wants that he has not experienced before just to make everything a really worthy occasion.

Cook Some Great Food

Spend a day with a barbecue party or enrol yourselves in a one-day cooking class with several courses. Cooking, after all, is not just made for women who will later on have to master the kitchen to be able to keep the family together. You can brew your own beer while putting some protein on the grill. Making your own pizza will be great as well. After all these, you can indulge in the food you have cooked. Perhaps, some ice cream on the side will be a good idea.

If cooking is not really your buddy’s thing then you can still party by eating the entire night to your stomach’s content. The good news is there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. It will be good to eat at restaurants that you have never been too in the past but you have all been dying to eat in all this time. Choose the finest cuisine that will surely be good for a tit-and-tat with all your male friends. You can also hop from one place to another to taste all the most delicious delicacies.

Throttle to the Max

If your buddy has been a motoring enthusiast all this time, it will be a good idea to include getting out of the road and going to race tracks where all of you can celebrate a great day for a buck party. You can choose to drive V8 supercharged cars and have a friendly competition against each other. If you want to keep it safe, you might want to just book for a racing competition where you will be more than just audiences than racers. You will all surely enjoy this fun-filled day together.

Face Your Fears

If you have been into a buck’s night several times, you know very well that the focus of attention is no less than the guest of honour, the soon-to-be groom. You can take things a notch higher by hosting a Fear Factor themed party where your buddy becomes the centre of it all. It is like getting involved in thrill-filled activities. The only difference is that this time, instead of going for what your buddy likes to do, you should go for those that he feared to do. Make sure though that you are with him every step of the way or else the entire idea may turn up not the way you want to.

Enjoy Life with the Finest Things

Guys know that the finest things in life include a glass or bottle of wine or whiskey, a few sticks of world-renowned cigars, and a drive of the fastest cars. Spoil yourselves, especially your mate, with all these great things and you are sure to enjoy the rest of the day.  You can also book a luxury or VIP room in a restaurant or bar where the finest wines and whiskeys can be served and where you can smoke a cigar anytime. In Melbourne, you will find great cigar bars where you can enjoy a pack of cigar all you want.

A Day with Your Buddy’s Favourite Sports

It may be quite some time since you have enjoyed playing your favourite sports together like basketball or billiards. You can always spend a day before your buddy becomes a groom with the sports you have always wanted to play. You can book a whole tennis court all to yourself for several hours and play the sport all you want. You can go out on those mesmerising playfields where you can play soccer or baseball too. If you do not want to beat the heat of the sun and sweat things out the whole day, why not reserve premium tickets to a game of professional basketball? Make sure you book for one where the favourite team of your buddy is playing.

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