How You Can Plan An Unforgettable Bucks Party

It’s an honour to organize a buck’s party for your best mate, who is going to remember this for a very long time. Obviously, you would want this night to be an epic one, full of banter. Stories will be told about the drunken tales, and how crazy the celebrations were. But for all that to happen with perfect execution, you need to knit together the ideas. Booking party bus hire is the primary step, followed by these tips!


Picking The Location

Depending upon the preference and the style of event you are planning, location can play a big role. A typical combination includes gambling, strippers and booze, but that may not necessarily be favoured by everyone. Some people like to spend a weekend bonding in the bushland, while others indulge in adventurous activities such as rock climbing, skydiving or white water rafting.

Some wild bucks party is a crazy weekend of casino gambling, a fancy night at an uptown bar, a round of golf and a nice steak dinner. Such trips may cost you extra expense and travel time, but it’s the worth the penny. If you are on a tight budget, it’s better to book a small function space, a local bar or a hotel room to celebrate the night!

Pick The Right Time

Most people make a mistake in judging the right time to hold a buck’s party bash for the groom. The worst time to plan such an event is right before the wedding night. It gets even worse, when you are unable to get away with the hangover on the big day. Add to that, the stress on your body will be quite evident on a day when you want to be fresh and energetic.

Ideally, the best time to plan a memorable bucks party is around a couple of weeks or a month before the wedding date. Anything later than that can put extra pressure of handling two events at a time. Also, you don’t want to harass your guests with a succession of plans, especially those who are out of town. Avoid any kind of scheduling conflict by calling invitees and sending out invitations well in advance.

Get Your Mates Together

Don’t try to be the lone hero of a battle! This is the time to get your acts together and work in teams to organize a memorable event. There may be few things that you don’t know about your mate, and your friends can help you out.  Once you have the idea what the groom desires to have in his buck’s party, talk with the party planners to get it sorted, putting together the venues, entertainment and transport options. Get an estimate for the cost involved per person, so that you can plan the budget accordingly. Keep in touch with your organising team throughout the process, in order to avoid missing even the smallest of details.

Create An Invite List

Once you have finalised the date and venue, it’s time to prepare a guest list and confirm the same with the groom. You surely do not want to miss out anyone special! You can set up an email chain or create an FB event to let the people know about the details of event and the dates available. Set an estimated deadline to keep the momentum and create a gravity leading up to the event.

Send Reminders

A couple of weeks before the party, it’s your responsibility to check-post the guest list with brief details of timings, meeting point and the contact person. If there is any dress code, please mention it clearly in BOLD letters. Encourage everyone to show up on the day with loads of energy and enthusiasm.

Respect The Groom’s Wishes

Some people love to tease the groom and humiliate him at the bucks party, but that should be restricted to a certain limit. At the end of the day, you got to respect the man for whom you have planned the event. You may get him drunk madly or take offensive photos of him, but when he says “STOP”, take it seriously.

Maintain Party Ethics

One bad incident can spoil the party for the entire crew on board. You would want to make sure things are in total control throughout the trip. And for that to happen, you need to put certain restrictions, like limiting the amount of drinks per person or avoid playing loud music at the wee hours of the night. If anyone files a complaint for any sort of misbehaviour, you are likely to find yourself in deep trouble. Hence, precaution is important when planning an event that demands certain safety measures. At the end of the day, you don’t want anything to play spoilsport for your guests!

Few Things To Take Care Of

Even though bucks party is all about the groom, there are few additional things to take into account, if you are to organise a smooth event.  

  • Make sure people are not driving back home in complete dizziness. If you have hired a party bus for the night, drop your guests to their respective localities or book a cab for them. Have sufficient cash in hand to deal with emergency situations.
  • Plan a surprise bash for your groom mate, along with other groomsmen, and come up with something ingenious that stays with him for a long time.
  • Since everyone is here to enjoy the night at its best, split the event cost in equal measures among people attending the party, barring the groom. This is an ethical practice followed all across the globe, since everyone will have their turn.
  • Be as creative as possible in your approach to plan a bucks party. Booze and gambling have become too mainstream. Try something that gives you joy and satisfaction.

A party bus is equipped with all the amenities you desire to have for a memorable bucks party, and you can always customize them as per your requirements. Time to have some wild celebrations on board!

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