Graduation Nights: Where To Go In Melbourne With Your Party Bus

There’s nothing as exciting as going out in Melbourne to celebrate your graduation. With reliable party bus hire in Melbourne, you can get around the city with exceptional ease. There’s something for everyone – alcohol lovers and their teetotaller alike. By the time dawn looms, you will have had a one-of-a-kind experience etched forever in the back of your friends’ and your minds. Chances are, you will want to experience the same thrill over and over again. To make the most out of Melbourne and what it has to offer, make early arrangements preferably the day before graduation. You can then consider trying out any of the following night time activities.

Watch A Film At Cinema Nova

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is one of the most popular films in Australia. Cinema Nova, one of Melbourne’s most beloved theatres, has dedicated the first Saturday of each month to screening the film. This is not just a movie though. There are quite a number of crazy and fun traditions that come along with watching the film. The film has been described as ‘so bad, it’s brilliant’. Enjoy the film with friends and take part in the said crazy traditions such as drinking ‘Scotchka’ or throwing spoons at the screen.

Kick Off The Night With A Mind-blowing Cocktail

There’s a reason Melbournites love Black Pearl. They make mind blowing cocktails. It therefore does not come as a surprise that the bar, an award-winning facility, is still ahead of the game after more than a decade in the entertainment business. You will most likely enjoy cocktails like the Harajuku Highball, a tasty spritz featuring a multi-vintage, lightly peated and cask blended fruity whiskey highlighted with pepper, fig and shisho leaves. With such drinks on the menu, it is easy to understand why Black Pearl is always featured in the World’s top 50 bars list.

Rock the Night Away with Karaoke

KBOX Karaoke in Melbourne is everything a modern karaoke should be. It boasts of an extensive collection of Oriental and English hits, plenty of booze, gleaming disco balls and a charming crowd to get you into the singing mood.  You do not have to worry at all if you’re afraid of crowds. Simply book your own room, order fresh snacks and drinks as the night gets old, and belt out hit after hit to keep your crew entertained. Forget about high notes challenging you. KBOX is all you need to prove to your friends that apart from your degree, you can also sing. Feel free to rock the night until 3:30 AM when the karaoke closes.

Treat Your Friends to A Midnight Thai Feast

Melbourne locals often have a hard time trying to describe The Magic Mountain Saloon. It is not a Thai restaurant. It is also not a bar. Just think of it as an eatery that refuses to be pigeonholed. This should not matter because Magic Mountain Saloon is all you need to celebrate your graduation in style. Enjoy fresh prawns and cured kingfish sprinkled with smooshy garlic and green chilli. Order a cocktail as you enjoy Thai food or even wine to get everyone in a party mood. Food here is affordable yet tasty. The crowd is decent too.

Strike Bowling

There’s much more into Strike Bowling than just tenpin bowling. Enjoy laser tag games and order drinks from a fully stocked bar. There’s a section for children too so you can tag them along if you wish. Think of the venue as a haven for adults who want to rekindle childhood memories. Belt out your favourite music hits and treat your friends to a karaoke session. Challenge them to a laser tag tournament. Wind up the night by racing against the clock in a themed escape room. Enjoy all these activities with friends and you certainly will have a night to talk of for years.

Visit the Red Triangle

Sip milkshakes or play pool at The Red Triangle. With a pool hall that has not changed for decades, you can order an old-school milkshake as you wait for the night to kick in. You can choose to be a member and enjoy discounts each time you visit the bar. The bar guarantees a soothing and calm ambience, so you can have a good time with former classmates suddenly turned prospective colleagues. You will fall in love with the Snooker Room where you can challenge your friends to a pool game.

Attend a Book Reading Session at Carlton

The last thing you would want after your graduation is a book reading session. But what if books make you feel alive? What if you wish to find like-minded book lovers to enjoy a book reading session with? As strange as it sounds, attending a book reading session at night is one of the most rewarding experiences you can enjoy in Melbourne. Visit the Carlton Institute to enjoy ‘Readings’, a session that brings together literature and poetry lovers. You can also enjoy music, great magazines and gifts. By the time you’re done, you will have made friends and better yet, learnt a few nice things.

Enjoy Fresh Gelato at Pidapipo

Pidapipo is a stone’s throw away from Readings. That means you can enjoy the aforementioned reading sessions and walk out with your friends to Pidapipo for the best gelaterias in Melbourne and possibly Australia. Gelatos here range from the adventurous rosemary and chestnut blends to the traditional banana treats. You can also top up your gelato with nutella. Enjoy all these until 11pm when the facility closes. Then head off to more awesomeness in Melbourne with your friends till dawn.

Visit Girls and Boys

Girls and Boys was born when two masterminds behind Transformer and Vegie Bar sat down for a chat. A new vegan empire was then born.  It is an entirely plant-based dessert bar perfect for vegans. Enjoy their soft ice cream which is by all means a miracle of vegan science. You can also sample a wide range of other treats such as coconut yoghurt, dragon-fruit, pineapple and mango! Think of it as a healthy night-out with friends to celebrate an academic milestone.

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