How To Book A Cheap Party Bus Rental

Party bus rentals have become very popular for those who wish to avoid the hustle bustle of public transportation and prefer to enjoy the day without having to drive themselves. While you may be worried about the expenses that come with using this type of service, you have to take note that it is possible to book cheap party bus rental. All you need to do is remember the following tips and take advantage of them.


Ask When the Timer Starts

Charges may differ from one party bus rental company to another. Some may charge you right when they leave their respective parking lots while others start the clock ticking from the time they pick you up. It is better to iron out these details from the get-go so that you will not experience bill shock. Take note that knowing when the clock starts will help you and your friends to be better prepared once the bus pulls up or else you might need to pay additional fees later.

Plan Your Stops Accordingly

If your friends and you plan to make multiple stops during the trip, you must be particularly aware that there are companies that charge on a per stop basis. This means that you will be charged a few more dollars for each stop you make. If you want to save money, then you better sound out your concerns before booking your bus rental service provider. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of stops and save more.

Ask about Fuel Surcharge

You must take note that some companies may provide fuel surcharges apart from the one stipulated in your contract. You need to ask them about this before you hire their services. The contract must be very specific about fuel surcharges in case you have to extend the time with which you will need the bus rental. Enjoy the rest of the day with your friends without having to think about how much more to spend for extra fuel.

Cut Down on All Other Extra Charges

Apart from fuel surcharges and “per stop” fees, you must be aware of all other possible charges you may incur during the trip. This can include overtime charges, e.g. you will be charged an additional fee when you need to extend the trip beyond the time stipulated in the contract. Ask if you need to pay overtime charges if you have to wait for some friends to join the ride. Just bear in mind that the longer you need to hire the bus, the more you will have to pay for extras.

Book the Party Bus in Advance

Booking in advance will give you a chance to take advantage of greater deals before your party date draws closer. This will also help you foresee what else you need to prepare before the big event. It will help you avoid inconveniences that can occur with lack of planning. You do not want to book late and find out that all buses have already been taken, especially on the dates you have set your sights on. Remember that booking in advance will also give you the opportunity to scout around and see which company best suits your needs and budget.

Check the Costs of Add-Ons

Oftentimes, you will have to pay for extras that are not included in your agreement with the rental company. Why not ask your chosen service provider about add-ons on top of what you are paying for? Are there any complimentary services included in the rental package? Will they decorate the bus according to your desired party theme? In case you choose to decorate the bus by yourself, you must also ask if you have to pay more for that.

Conduct a Background Check

You may have heard about party bus rental services from friends, co-workers, and relatives. However, they are not always the best people to ask if you want to learn more about the company itself. You may approach the company to make the direct enquiries about the bus prices and facilities instead. Pay attention to the fleet of vehicles that they offer. Are their amenities up to standards? Is the entire fleet equipped with the best and latest amenities that justify the price you are paying for? You will want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth of services, offered by your chosen company.

Reputation Counts

If there is one thing you should never miss out on, when booking for a party bus, then that will be the company’s reputation. A reputable bus company does not merely guarantee cheap prices for the best services you can ever imagine but will also make sure you will be taken safely to your destinations. It should hire the best drivers to be part of its team. Their drivers should be able to handle every situation with care and keep you safe at all times. It should have the corresponding licenses to operate in the particular area you are heading to as well. Browse the web and keep an eye out for trusted reviews and testimonials. You will gain a clearer picture if the company lives up to its claims.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Conveniences of a Party Bus

Booking a cheap party bus rental also means taking advantage of everything that comes with it. Take note that you have hired the services of the company for travel convenience. With those conveniences, there will be travel luxuries that you and your friends may have not experienced in the past. Take advantage of all these conveniences without worrying who is responsible for cleaning up later. There are also complimentary bottles of water, ice, and other beverages that you can make use of during the party in the bus.

Whether you are organising a party bus hire for a bucks night, a hen party, a wedding, or a birthday, you must make the most out of your party bus rental. This way, you will not just save costs, but you will get to include the entire activity in your list of memorable experiences.

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