Why We Are The Number One Choice For Party Bus Hire

Are you planning for a night out or throwing a big birthday bash? Well, why not consider party bus hire? When it comes to hiring a party bus in Australia, Party Bus Guru is often the undisputed choice. Find out all the reasons why you should get party bus rental from us, and here’s a hint: we have definitely set the bar high!


Room For Everyone

We have a wide variety of buses to accommodate passengers in all sorts of numbers, from 10 to even 40 people at one go. There cannot be a better way of travelling, especially if you are with your friend circle. The image you present to your guests is priceless, with everyone having wonderful time with blaring music, and people turning heads to see what’s going on. We want to make a strong statement to those looking for something unique and innovative!

Provide Flexibility Of Inviting More People

One major benefit of hiring our party bus is that you won’t shy away from inviting more people for the event. It can be a real headache to plan logistics for a large group of people, if you are booking cars or cabs. This can put an absolute obstruction on the event night and restrict the number of people you want to invite. Nobody will enjoy missing out anyone near and dear to them.

With a party bus hire, there is enough space to call everyone for the party. There is no need to use anyone’s private vehicles and no worries of getting sober drivers. Another important fact is that you don’t have to pay a parking ticket for so many cars, and also save much of your time by not having to find parking spot at the destination. Let our bus driver worry about picking and parking!

Fully Licensed Professional Drivers

At Party Bus Guru, we have a team of expert licensed drivers, who are thoroughly interviewed before being put behind the wheels. State rules are quite strict, especially in situation where people get drunk and party on the streets, while also risking other lives. Renting a party bus makes sure that no one is giving you a ride under the influence of alcohol.

One can easily get into trouble, by getting intoxicated and landing in the hands of police, who may even confiscate your vehicle. Regardless of what you expect, any sort of misadventures can occur, particularly if there are more passengers onboard, and it’s easy to get a drunk driver on every seat. With our sound-proof party buses, there is no chance of noise pollution outside, and the professional driver will make sure you are given a smooth ride, right from the pickup point to the dropdown. This way, you can reduce the probability of any accident happening onboard.

Cost Effective

Party bus is just a fancy term, which may sound lavish at the first thought. With amenities like quality sound systems, cosy seats and attractive lighting, you may think this vehicle will surely burn a hole in your pocket. However, this is far from truth. When you add up everything in parts, you will notice that the cost for one group event is much more than what you are paying for. Transportation is often the most troubling part of any event and it can only be on the reasonable side, if everyone is contributing equally. This is only possible by hiring a party bus, which not only accommodates more people, but also cut down cost of paying for individual cabs or cars.

We offer door-to-door service, saving your valuable time, and reducing the risk of anyone driving back home after being drunk. You also have an option to set a few pickup points along the path, although you may have to pay a little extra for that.

Great Onboard Amenities

You have the flexibility to choose from a wide selection of party buses at the party bus guru, fully equipped with top quality amenities, including LCD High Definition TVs, air conditioners, LED lighting, a mini bar, portable disk player and top quality sound systems. While these are basic facilities offered on board to make your ride a worthwhile entertaining experience, you can always customize according to your needs. We will be happy to entertain all sorts of expectations and requirements, and make sure you have everything to get the party going in full swing.

Start partying all the way from home, and carry on as you step aboard a complete luxury. Be treated like a VIP for the entire period you are on board. Bring your own food supplies or purchase food & beverage packages from the company itself. And don’t forget to get your playlist ready with some of the best party tracks.

Reaching The Destination On Time

Rental party buses are quite strict when it comes to punctuality. If you have your own travel arrangements in the form of private vehicles, it becomes difficult to manage people and get things ready on time. On the other hand, a party bus will make sure you and your guests at different pick up points are ready to get going as per the scheduled time. The fear of paying waiting charges will push you to do that. Also, arriving late on any occasion can spoil the event, and waiting for more people to come is even worse. Similarly, when the party is over, you only have to assemble people in front of the bus, rather than trying to sort out who is sober enough to drive everyone home.

With so many exceptional reasons to use our party buses, why worry about expensive parking spaces, choosing a non-drinking driver and organising a convoy, when you can leave everything to us? Give us a call today and let us know your requirements. Our team will help you in sorting out the best possible option for your budget. Get your booking done in advance to avoid compromising with the vehicle you want to hire!

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