Bucks Parties: Where To Go In Canberra With Party Bus Hire

A bucks night is not just any other boys’ night out. It is that one night before your wedding that will help you let go of the stress and worries brought about by all wedding planning. A legendary bucks night is one that your mates will talk about for years to come. Of course you want other bucks nights to pale in comparison to your own. There is no better way to celebrate your buck night than on board Canberra party bus hire! The party never has to stop when you board a party bus! It’s the only way you can transport a big group from venue A to venue B (C, D, and more!) safely without anyone from the party sitting behind the wheel. With a top-of-the-line sound system, LED lights, and a few bottles of your preferred drinks, you can party your way to these different top bucks nights spots in Canberra.

Canberra Archery Club

Start off the bucks party with a tame and wholesome archery lesson for all your mates. The Canberra Archery Club knows all the techniques of archery and you can channel your inner Robin Hood skills with their help. There are Come and Try sessions that is best for groups. The equipment will be prepared by them and you will be supervised by a professional instructor.

Canberra Go Karting

Fancy an adrenaline rush before the bucks party proper? Take your mates to go karting! Boys will always be boys when it comes to video games. If you and the boys love F1 and are into racing video games, then you have to try this fun activity! You, fine gentlemen, will look like bad arses with racing suits. Race against your mates on the tracks and see who the best driver on your pack is!

Delta Force Paintball

Another adrenaline-packed activity for you and your mates is a full day at the paintball range. Delta Force Paintballing has a nice field where you can try out your aim. Choose from among the different scenarios like Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and Black Hawk Down. Safety equipment, cameo gear, paint machine guns, paintballs, and a professional staff are already included in the package.

Casino Canberra

As the only licensed casino operating in Canberra, you and the guys will have a great time having an authentic casino experience. Choose a function room where there is a full bar and a dance floor and add other exciting function options. They also have Fun and Games packages where you get to have a gaming floor all for yourselves.

Party Boat

A party boat for a bucks night is a little bit different in the sense that you get to party and cruise at the same time. There are many ways to enjoy aboard a party boat. Play up some awesome music, get good food, choose your drinks, and have a good time while cruising the waters.

Hippo Co.

Whiskey is a masculine drink and with over 200 kinds at the bar, you and the boys will have a blast choosing which bottles to down for the night! Hippo Co. offers whiskey tasting sessions that can be the first stop for your bucks night. Try up to six of the best whiskies and pair it with an equally great selection of cheeses. The resident whiskey expert will even give you fun facts about whiskies while having their Ultimate Whiskey Tasting.

Bentspoke Brewing Co.

Home brewing enthusiasts will love Bentspoke Brewing Co. It is a microbrewery at Braddon where you and your mates can spend an afternoon with craft beers on your hands. Bentspoke offers a world-class craft beer experience with a selection of ales, ciders, and craft beers. They also have a classic pub menu with a twist. You can have dinner here before hitting the bars later.

Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub

Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub is an enormous place. It is spread out across four entertaining floors, all thumping with a party vibe. The bar delivers delicious drinks and a top quality service. Dance and get your grooves on the dance floor with your mates.

The Basement

Being in the business for more than three decades, The Basement is the perfect venue for impressive bucks nights. It is Canberra’s premier live music venue and there is a wide range of choices in terms of musical styles. Enjoy live performances with your mates and don’t forget to order your favourite drinks.


Probably the most energetic dance floor in Canberra, The Academy is listed as one of the city’s top night clubs for years. They pride on having state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. They have hosted incredible acts like Flo Rida, Adrian Lux, Calvin Harris, and RUFUS.

Knightsbridge Penthouse

For a disco-driven adventure, take your party at the Knightsbridge Penthouse. It is the best spot for quirky parties. They have a classic drinks menu and a relaxed lounge atmosphere. This is an ideal bar for those who love an old-fashioned boogie!


A bar, nightclub, and restaurant rolled into one, the Treehouse has live music and a calendar full of events. You can dance, eat, drink, or just hang out with your mates.

Polit Bar

Craving for pizza after a few drinks? Polit Bar has a tasty selection of bar nibbles and the best pizzas. It is also popular for their drinks menu. The bar has a friendly atmosphere and best place to catch up with your mates before tying the knot.

Party Entertainers

Now, for a classic bucks party, get a private function room, gather up the guys and party like rock stars! Spice up the fun by hiring professional adult party entertainers. You and the boys will be entertained all night!

Whether you want to take the boys out on a harmless archery lesson or at a thumping nightclub with lots of drinks on offer, party bus hire will definitely make your bucks night epic!

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