Book Party Bus Hire For Your Wedding!

The term “wedding transportation” does not always refer to a stretch limousine with a Just Married sign. It is actually a lot more than that. When it comes to arranging wedding day transportation in Australia, you will want to ensure that your soon-to-be-spouse, groomsmen, bridesmaids, guests, loved ones, and yourself reach the reception and ceremony venues on time. By booking party bus hire, you are assured of that. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a party bus for this special occasion:


Have a Last-Minute Party

You are still a bachelor, and you are still a bachelorette before both parties officially exchange wedding vows at the stand. It would not hurt to have ONE LAST mini party. A party bus is one of the best places to hold a mini party before the wedding ceremony. You do not have to stop at a certain destination, which might take up time and derail your wedding plans. It is a great way to allow everybody to relax, have a good laugh, and create all those priceless memories before the spouses-to-be walk in the aisle to exchange words of love and vows with their partners.

Adds a Special Touch to Your Big Day

Want your wedding to be extra special? Hiring a party bus for you and your guests on your wedding is the way to go. You are essentially creating more memories than what your honeymoon, wedding reception, and wedding ceremony can give. It is a stellar way to eliminate all of those hassles that are normally associated with transportation. In addition, it allows you to create and keep wedding memories that you will be proud to share with your future daughters and sons.

A Tailored Solution

Your party bus hire can be a tailored solution. Instead of having a bus that just transports people from one location to another, you can completely customize the bus to suit your taste. You can request for a specific theme inside, play a list of your favourite songs, food and beverages, and more. With these options, you and your mates are free to enjoy your own party, with the knowledge and assurance that your wedding event will be unforgettable and enjoyable to you, your partner, and guests!

Safe, Convenient, and Cosy Way to Travel

Did you know that private bus hire is known to be one of the most secured land transportation options in many countries around the world? Party bus hires come with experienced drivers. They are familiar with a wide variety of routes in and around Australia. It is like having an up-to-date GPS system built into their brains. You will be able to avoid potential hassles on the way, e.g. unexpected heavy traffic. Aside from being expert drivers, who can take you and your guests safely to the intended destination, they are also friendly and courteous. Good service is important. It is the key ingredient to ensuring a great experience.

In addition, the bride and her bridesmaids can move around more freely. There is comfy seating for everybody.

Celebrations Start Before the Wedding and Continues After the Wedding

Your private party bus allows you to celebrate before and after the wedding. The fun never stops! Many wedding planners often back up the idea of choosing party buses as the main mode of transportation for weddings. As these are luxury vehicles, they may feature crystal bars, restrooms, DVD players, sound systems, plasma or LCD TV, optic lighting, neon lights, etc. In other words, these buses offer maximum comfort for both short and long trips.

Try this: You can toast the bride and her groom while riding in the party bus, and on the way to the reception.

Ensures that Everything Goes Accordingly to Plan

Predictability and hassle-free transportation are important. If something unexpected occurs, it may cause confusion and miscommunication. Party buses come with professional drivers who are trained to handle the directions and pick everybody up from a convenient location. This ensures that no one is left behind, have to find their own last-minute transport, or worst, get lost on the way. That can quickly turn a smile into a frown. With your own private buses, you never have to deal with heavy traffic on the street, parking, etc. Everybody will arrive on time.

Next, taking photos becomes more convenient. Since your photographers know that everyone will arrive together, it will be easier for them to capture more precious moments.

Sparing a Thought for Non-Drivers

Have you invited wedding guests that cannot drive? They could be kids or adults who do not have a valid driving license. By hiring reputable party buses, you and your guests will benefit from the luxury of being driven around. Everybody can take advantage of the extra free time to catch up. It also allows acquaintances to warm up to one another.

Important Supplies Travel with You

That’s not all. Party buses are designed to offer abundant space within its interior. There is more room for storage, i.e. you won’t accidentally leave important wedding equipment behind. As mentioned earlier, you can bring your preferred party supplies on the bus, including decorations, drinks, and snacks. Because you are not limited to what you can do, it adds to the overall lively atmosphere.

Many couples are open to the idea of hiring a party bus for their wedding. Other couples may hesitate, wondering if these buses are the right choice or not. Consider this: You have spent several months planning and preparing for your big day. It is only right if it turns to be the perfect event for you and your spouse, i.e. no hiccups. With that in mind, transportation plays a major role in ensuring that your actual wedding happens the same way as what you have envisioned.

Just want to party and enjoy the ride? Contact Party Bus Guru today to book our party buses for your wedding!

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